Referal Program

A large portion of ARPs business comes from referrals. Property owners typically first find themselves seeking services of Realtors, Title Companies, Property Wholesalers and Attorneys without resolve. ARPs reputation for accepting the most challenging projects and then delivering has caused it to be a trusted resource in its field and garners referrals from various sources.


Finders fees and commissions are paid to referral providers upon acceptance of the project from ARP in several ways. Typically, an initial acceptance fee is paid to the referral source when ARP accepts the project. Alternative compensation is offered as a percentage of the valuation of the project should referral sources chose to participate in the project to its term.

ARP is able to evaluate potential projects faster when more information is provided, and more time and research can be required when referrals come in as a “thin file”. Any information or potential clues as insignificant is they may seem are important as even the smallest detail can save hours of research when vetting referral projects.


Additionally, if you have any questions about projects you may have information regarding, wondering if they may be workable cases, do not hesitate to contract us. Our Partners are ready to discuss all the information you may have to determine which ones qualify. We take walk ins in San Antonio and by phone call or email outside of the area.


Contact ARP offices at:
Asset Resolution Partners
901 Mason St., San Antonio, Tx 78208
(210) 475-3545