The Process

Submission – Those interested in having their potential project reviewed by an ARP Partner shall submit an online submission through this link (hyperlink the contact page) or an email should be submitted to When submitting it’s important to provide as much detail as you are aware of and all relevant documents you may have access to including but not limited to title company commitments, wills, death and birth certificates, vital statistics records, court filings, old handwritten letters, pictures, maps, etc. No detail is too small. The potential client will be contacted within 24 hours for a discovery call. Remitters will never be asked for any money or payment from ARP since the projects are taken on at the sole risk of the company.


Research Phase – An ARP Partner will engage its own resources to include but not limited to; Attorneys, private investors, professional genealogist, and its own in house research team, to fact check and discover additional information based on the potential client submission at no cost or obligation to the remitter. “Thin files” or older content files submitted require more research time and more robust submissions are returned more quickly in as little as two days or as long as several weeks.


Project Review – A virtual or in person meeting is scheduled with the potential client and the APR Partner to review the findings and summarize the findings. At this time ARP will either make an offer to purchase the interest in the property or project or if ARP is not the best option additional referral resources will be provided to the remitter along with data ARP found during its review.


Contract / Closing – Purchase and sale agreements are signed by the new client and ARP at the time the company agrees to take the project. Closing of the transaction and payment to the client typically happens from two to five days from this point.


Timeline – The only common thing about these types of properties is they all have major problems. Every project is quite different and the time between submission to ARP and to closing of the accepted sale can happen in as little as a few days or as long as a few months. Remember ARP advances all expenses and risks its own time and resources on the chance of it being a viable project. Our compensation comes in the way of equity in the property. Often our expenses amount to thousands even tens of thousands of dollars, and we never ask clients to risk any of their own money.

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